Zero Zone Rock Restaurant

Pretty women are around

Now, where does it happen? The Zero Zone Restaurant is in the hearth of Yangon's Chinatown on the rooftop of the Ambassador building, just ask, there is a elevator just before the big game hall and behind the Galaxy Disco. 
They have entertainment with local and english music, something to eat buffet style and plenty of pretty girls hanging around plus others who come in every forty minutes and do some kind of a nightlife fashion show. 
Before and after the shows karaoke is the program, some of the young ladies can really sing, mainly local melodies which are often real great. Here are real Yangon people no "schicki-micki". 

Actually this is not the only venue around

In a radius of around 100 m are at least another 10 nightclubs, pubs, karaoke bars and restaurants. It's a great place for a hangout with some friends or just enjoy the evening. There is a beautiful panorama over the city although it's night there is something to see.

zero zone at about 9 pm
Zero zone restaurant at about 9 pm
Pretty Burmese girls
Pretty Burmese girls
Where is it? At Theingyi Zay Chinatown, Location: roof top, 2 Thain Gyi Zay, Shwe Dagon Pagoda Road, Tel: 240600 ext. 4252, 371800 ext. 351. There are more party places in Yangon than many people realize.

Pretty party girls

When visiting it needs to be aware that this is not a very stylish place according to Hong Kong or Singapore parameter it’s just like everywhere in the country it looks a bit run down, but nevertheless the atmosphere is interesting, music is also ok, food not so bad and most girls around gorgeous. If you need a quickie this is not the right place, it needs a while to get connected here.

Theingizay road

In the same building on other floors are more nightclubs and bars

At the side of the road is Emperor and Palace Disco this are exotic dance clubs with very pretty ladies. As you can see already in this small area are plenty of possibilities to have a good time.

having a good time
Having a good time in Yangon
Sometimes people just drink too much (but they never make problems) because beer is quite good and cheap, actually better than any beer in Thailand. It’s dark, mysterious, exotic and for real late night parties better take one of the ladies with you because around midnight everything has to close.
It may turn out to have the time of your life with pretty and sexy nightclub girls. What make this places so exotic? It’s the atmosphere, the location and all the beautiful Asian women around, you bet it gets exiting.
pretty fashion show girls at zero zone
Pretty fashion show girls

at zero zone
At zero zone restaurant

hot stuff in yangon
Hot stuff at night

yangon show girl
Myanmar nightlife show girl
entertainment in yangon
Pretty entertainment ladies
zero zone restaurant

pretty fashion show girls at zero zone

entertainment at yangon chinatown
Entertainment in Yangon Chinatown
zero zone restaurant
Zero zone restaurant


  1. Have a light dinner and watch the fashion ladies, most are "eye candy" beer is also quite low priced

    1. could you suggest some guest friendly hotels ?

    2. Any idea about the kinda fee these beauties expect for a night of companionship. Are there legal threats of raid and all, like currently happening in PH ?

    3. Almost all hotels around $ 50,- are girls friendly, there are also no raids etc. Myanmars are friendly people, they are not like Catholics who want to harass others.


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