Yangon Nightlife

One night in Yangon Rangoon

Actually it will lift you higher since here are the remains of the old orient and you better explore it now before it's gone. This is Sodom & Gomorrah at it's best oriental style. To get things rolling in the hot tropical night the open jeep is the right tool no need for air-condition it's cool by any means Yangon is definitely the right stuff for it.

Although this is in the tropical belt and people take things more easy it is always a puzzle to me why the people never take a real effort and start to clean and repair the streets and boardswalks.

Nightlife in Yangon Rangoon

It's true that Yangon City is quite rotten since not much has been done since the British left. It definitely has it's charm because that way at least an authentic piece of the orient of the past is still visible, although it's quickly fading away now quick, read more. Yangon at night

Playing with Myanmar GirlsNow where to get all that happen? Yes at some nightclubs which are spread all over the city but the best are still in Chinatown at Ahlone Road and at Kandawgyi Lake. This is not matching Bangkok nor Pattaya but it's cool stuff at night with smooth Burmese Girls, read more.
Play with me
It needs to understand that most action is at some nightlife cluster at different parts of the city and keep the distance in mind. Yangon is a large urban area with a awful infrastructure which means it is not very comfortable to drive around a long time and in particular if you are visiting Myanmar and doing this by taxi you will fall pray to this drivers especially if the destination is a bit off the center. 

City Center and taxis at Thein Gyee Zay at night So to keep problems at bay and trouble away better stick to a few places where there is some traffic around nothing will be missed for sure because the people and environment will be similar anyway. The idea when in town at night is having fun in a local environment and that is for sure different to Bangkok or London or elsewhere. 
The best start is probably in the city center around 

Here are the most popular nightlife cluster in Yangon.

First are the hotspot at Ahlone Road

Yangon City Nightlife is diverse at Ahlon Road

The top is Pioneer Disco with an admission fee of $ 5 which includes a drink. The club attracts tourists and locals on the sexy side is nothing organised all Burmese Girls are freelancer also no "Mama San" just walk to the bar or to one of the tables and a oriental beauties will approach you with the idea that you take her home. Good designed laser lighting produce a excellent ambiance this is a newer place not as rotten as most young women are also available in the adjacent "Pool Bar" if you don't like the screaming disco. Music is loud English & local. current and there is excellent lighting.

  • Yangon-at-night with fun in the tropical heat and positive thinking Burmese Girls around.
  • Bar-girls are different to their "virtual sisters" in Bangkok being much less lively.
  • Entertainment is often real eye candy and as long as related to the ladies is "top notch".
  • Entertainment-girls are less bright dressed and always fully covered although one can guess the shape.
  • Myanmar girls in the the nightlife business have their charm and a positive attitude.
  • Markets are a visual pleasure by itself f, full of colors even in the night.
  • Restaurants outside the big hotels are still having hygienic problems. 
  • Shopping from the travelers point of view is focused at Bogyoke Market and a handful of stores elsewhere in the city. Since the traffic situation is real bad stay in the very center, everything is there.  
  • Show-girls you will encounter in many nightclubs and restaurants.
  • Here are more things to do in Yangon.

Girls Price range is around Kyat 50k it needs negotiating. It makes some sense to stay in one of the two hotels around here since that makes distance short and they only charge $ 10,- fee. The place is at the People's Park at the Shwedagon Pagoda and has a good ambiance check the hotels with excellent rates (all of Yangon here).

The place where nightlife started in Rangoon is Thein Gyee Zay in Chinatown

Take the elevator up to the rooftop of the Thein Gyee Zay ambassador building and enjoy the evening breeze and the fashion show girls who come in as groups from 8 pm to 10 pm one batch is always up to 8 girls. If you like one of them buy a flower garland and she will come to your table the rest is up to you and her, read more.

Here in Chinatown are the busiest places in the city at night with a vibrant ambiance and cute nightlife girls which are often real oriental beauties. In recent years more nightlife center came up and most new ones are less rotten than the old one but the young women working in the night shift are similar pretty, read more.

Another Hotspot in the night is around Kandawgyi Lake.

Around Kandawgyi Lake was already a preferred area to relax since colonial times and they did a lot to beautify and improve in recent times since then. Actually plenty of changes will come to this place some will be positive other negative since the Shangri-La Group is currently pulling some huge apartment buildings up (2015) and that will bring lots of traffic, read more.

Around the lake are the two fixtures of current night-entertainment of the city which is first
  • Power Light Yangon which actually is a cross over restaurant cum nightclub with around 30 to 50 bright and fresh young Burmese Women who try to make some money with singing dancing and some show elements, read more.  

The other one is JJ and Asia Entertainment City which is in the same compound close to the Mingalar Market (just have a look at the map above).

  • JJ & Asia Entertainment City which is the destination for the younger crowd and especially for the guys in search for some nightlife girls which are usually freelancer and come in droves to make some extra money weekends are especially popular. They take the usual entrance fee which is up to $ 8,-, read more.

This places are set into several buildings over 5 floors and every floor has a different theme and other entrance fee don't come before 10 pm. 

Dinner in Chinatown having fun

Dinner in Chinatown is a somehow morbid act, it's old Asia with a lot of dirt around just as in most SEA countries maybe except Singapore but with an excellent atmosphere with smiling faces, laughter, cheap food and beer. They have Myanmar, Tiger and Mandalay Beer which are of a amazing high quality compared to Thai Beer where one can taste the chemicals and preservatives with every sip leading to headache the next morning, except "Leo Beer", read more. There are several highlights after the sun disappears in the Andaman Sea and nightlife turns on, one of them are the colorful open air night markets especially in Chinatown at Mahabandoola Road. At this road's 19th street are many street food open air restaurants unfortunately the hygienics are so bad that you better be very careful when eating there, it' a bit like Khao San Road in Bangkok. 

To have a look around how people live

It is really interesting because when the heat of the day fades away everyone comes out to the street enjoying the cool breeze which blows in from the sea. The town is very close to ocean in the Irrawaddy Delta, this is also the time when Myanmar girls start their night-shift with singing and dancing.

Some line dancer at powerlight
Pretty Myanmar women working in night-shift

Play with them

Fun in the night
Yangon at Night (1)
Yangon at Night (2)

Yangon girls at night
Yangon girls at night (1)

Yangon show girls (2)

Nightclub ladies in Chinatown at Zero Zone
Nightclub ladies at Zero Zone

A tropical Rangoon Night with pretty Myanmar show girls.

One night in Bangkok

Soi Cowboy in Bangkok looks a bit different to Yangon's Theingyi Zay although the purpose is the same only much brighter and less thinking around. There are several more of this places all over Thailand sooner or later they will be a great enhancement in the nightlife scene, read more

Phuket Town at night with girls

Phuket Town has a different nightlife scene than Yangon much more to see and a bit of a different action although finally it's directed to the same purpose, make the guys happy. Locals and foreigners come here for vacation by millions most are single traveler venturing out for beautiful Asian girls.

The first signs of this are seen in the nightlife business where pretty bars have been opened in the big hotel bars plus nightclubs have opened in the last couple of years. Several are now the playground of Burmese girls working in the night and the guys who are chasing them.
tropical decoration


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