Nightclubs in Yangon Myanmar

Bars with girls.

Nightclubs in Yangon City, as everywhere this are some kind of a pleasure dome to have fun in the night. After an exhaustive day that's the right place to chill out and relax, entertainment is welcome and there is a lot going on in the city. 

The busiest nightclubs, restaurants and discos are at Thaingizay Road in Chinatown, try Zero Zone at the rooftop of the Ambassador building. 

Another interesting place is Ahlon Road at the International and Summit Parkview Hotel.

Close to Kandawgyi Lake is Asia & JJ Entertainment at Mingalar Market, Address Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp Yangon, phone 728203 and Powerlight which is close by. Here is a bustling night girls scene although the city has not been renowned for. 
At this three places are plenty of bars, karaoke, restaurants and fusion venues which means a combination of everything indicated, some are restaurant with a club theme. 

Yangon nightclub rush in native jeep

Nightclub girls at work

Beside of this there some in the bigger hotels downtown similar to anywhere in Asia. If a traveler wants to find a companion check the above mentioned, but don’t look in the hotels, there are none.
pretty in the night

Rangoon at night with bars, clubs, lounges and entertainment with exotic girls.

power light restaurant nightclub and girls dancing

Power Light restaurant & nightclub is a typical local fusion show venue, it is a myth people spreading in the internet that there is not much going on in the night there. The people either have never been there or never went out from their cave after eight, but those pages are listed high means no relevancy to reality, so why Google pop them up? wrong algo! read more.

Nice place at Ahlone Road around the hotels

Planning some good time in a Yangon nightclub during your stay in this interesting oriental city browse through our website and find out what's going on. Since all here is very picture and video oriented you immediately will understand what’s up and just don't believe anyone who tells there is nothing going on, they are just to lazy to go out and look, but unfortunately Google likes the laziness and the websites which haven't changed anything since 3 years and more this is what they call "fresh content"! 

Yangon Nightclub Fashion Show in Chinatown

A good blend of lounges, discos, pubs, bars & clubs is around, take the taxi and start and don't forget ask someone in the hotel to explain the taxi driver where to go, most people won't understand you but still say yes, yes.

Power light crossover restaurant
Sexy nightlife in Myanmar

If you are in one of the big hotels such as Traders Hotel Yangon or Kandawgyi Palace you could take a warm up drink before heading out on your Night adventure trip.

powerlight restaurant club

All this places have a wide selection of mainstream music which is local stuff and in English. There are no gay bars around as in Bangkok, there are some ladyboys  who do some sing and dance shows in various places but this are no regular scenes. The only regular entertainment is local style fashion shows with plenty of pretty girls who rush through the places to entertain the people.

A good start is for sure power light club close to Kandawgyi Lake

power light clubmyanmar nightclubs
power light nightclub
yangon nightclub

red light district around ahlone road

The newest and most stylish places are at Ahlone Road around the International & Summit Parkview Hotel at 350 Ahlone Road, Tel: (95-1) 211888, 211966
Rooms are available for private hire, this usually runs under “VIP” rooms, yes everyone here is a “VIP”. and would be ideal for anyone looking for party venues and function rooms. There are also several game tables at the pool bar. 

singapore kitchen restaurant

There are some more restaurants, one of them is "Black Canyon" that's the same stuff as in Thailand and I warn you never eat anything from this food chain since the changes to get serious sick are very high. They don't make anything locally, they just get frozen stuff and warm it up, actually the customer has no idea where this stuff comes from and where it was laying around, I got very sick there.  

When returning be careful because the taxis knowing at this late time of the day there is no much choice, they will try to squeeze money. Myanmar in general is a very safe country no need to be afraid of anything just take the usual precaution and nothing negative will happen. If there is ever any problem get the police in, they are very helpful. 

Don't believe anything what the international media bring about them, the people who write all this negative stuff about Myanmar usually have never been there or maybe sitting around in one of the hotel bars and warming up rumors.  
Disco at Yangon International Hotel
nightlife center

Yangon Nightclub

Myanmar nightclub at Asia Entertainment City
Yangon Asia Entertainment City

Some of the older places look quite run down but considering the situation the country was in the last decades it's rather normal. The spices are always the same, pretty women and there are plenty to help you through the night, they do a good job. 

pretty entertainment
Yangon nightclub girl

Asia Entertainment KTV
Asia Entertainment KTV
pretty nightlife girls at Asia Entertainment  and JJ

There are some more discos at Theingyi Zay right in the Ambassador Building where Zero Zone is and at the opposite side of the road with Palace Disco (very pretty girls)  and more.

Yangon and Myanmar entertainment has lots to do with nightclub models and shows.

Probably the most popular nightclub models are working in the late shift at entertainment at restaurants, bars and discos.

They work in groups with usually up to 10 young women with such imaginable names as "diamond girls" and similar. There are several which rush into the places do a 20 minute performance and move to the next place. 

All hope to get some "flower garlands" from the guys who are sitting around and sipping the beer. The local one is quite good and better than Thai beer since there is less chemicals and preservatives in the local stuff

pretty nightclub models at Yangon

Pretty nightclub models at bars and lounges dozens of "pretty things" for sexy games are waiting, give it a try. Rangoon is a place where nothing is much organized it really needs to take a taxi and do it on your own, just visit the places indicated here and not much can go wrong.

Yangon attractions at night

sexy nightclub models in a Yangon restaurant
entertainment at night
Entertainment at night
Pretty nightlife girls

Nightclubs are in every bigger Asian town the difference is mainly in the behavior of the girls and how sophisticated and decorative the places are. Naturally the prices are important, e.g. Hong Kong and Singapore are examples of high prices but Thailand and Myanmar for sure produce a better and not so extremly commercial driven atmosphere. 
The worst is for sure Hong Kong where the "Mama San" just waits beside of the table with the stopwatch and when there is no sex session secured within 10 minutes they pull the young ladies elsewhere. This people are simple idiots where the where the greedy drool is dripping from the mouth, read more.

Nightclub girls from the neighborhood.

Nightclub girls further east across the border
Say hello to the bar ladies

A bit further east club girls show much more skin and the whole feeling in the places is a bit more relaxed as it is visible on the picture above which is from a other bar. The beautiful babes are also more sexy trimmed this has simple to do with the parameters set by government, read more.
Pretty young entertainment women
sexy bikini girl

They are often real "eye candy" and a dream of many men. Start your imagination, the only problem is how to find them and interact with them, because only looking is boring. The ladies bring the nightclub entertainment with models to life.

Here they are, gorgeously looking  and maybe some spicy oriental ladies. Maybe not this real hot stuff naught girls you can find in the nightclubs in Bangkok but not so bad.

That is Thailand, India, Myanmar or Burma, Brazil, Cambodia, Philippines in other its it's rather difficult or only in hidden places. There are plenty of Indian, Pakistani and Arab guys who are crazy after some blond Russian girls and other from Eastern Europe, the nice tall blond. Only in a few countries it is possible to do some speed dating with this cute ladies almost always in the nightlife scene.

Pretty karaoke singer

Some are really attractive, but usually they are quite tough and difficult to come along with.

No big deal anymore this days, the answer is: Russian Girls Pattaya, at "Walking Street" and Phuket's Bangla Road plus other more hidden places.

They still can afford quite good shows every evening with pretty ladies having very little textile on the body somehow similar to the tangas of the beach cariocas in Rio. This and more makes the region very attractive as holiday destination for certain purposes with nightlife and more.

pretty nightlife show
Pretty nightlife show
 Some club's to create a kind of modern Sodom and Gomorra, but a interesting one!

Here are a few quick tips to get girls to follow you on speed dating. Sometimes I hit a nightclub in Thailand and at another time in Myanmar, there is no much difference.  Usually these places have lots of want to-be models and other pretty ones around.
Model girls working
Sexy nightlife girls

Some are very attractive young women for speed dating and they know it not even bringing cash with them when they go out, because they know there are plenty of guys there who would like to buy them drinks. 

This are real hotties by any means and won't require plenty of tactics to get them around. Just start chatting with them, but first you need to get to
your place, its easy, buy them some flower garlands, the more the better.

Be a nice guy and you will have success but keep in mind they are here for some business means you give some money, they give some pleasure, sounds like a fair game.

Yangon nightclub entertainment at Zero Zone

Beautiful and sexy nightclub girls

Beautiful and sexy girls in the neighborhood which show a bit more skin and all is somehow more obvious and less hidden. Although it needs some negotiations to secure a real time dating it's somehow similar. This kind of fun entertainment business is everywhere the same in SEA and everyone like it, read more.

Here are the best Yangon bars, nightclubs, lounges and entertainment with girls.

nightlife girls at Yangon bars in action

Rangoon entertainment group show

Rangoon entertainment group show girls presentation

pretty Burmese night ladies in action

pretty Burmese night ladies in action entertainment

nightlife in Chinatown Zero Zone Club

nightlife in Chinatown Zero Zone Bar Entertainment

Glamour girls entertainment in Rangoon


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