South Myanmar Island & Beaches

The country is blessed with marvelous beaches

Until now it's a rather wild region and since ever nobody really cared of, it was just swapped around between Myanmar, Thailand and the English. Since a few hundred years now it belongs to Burma. 

The location today has the potential to be the ultimate holiday spot in tourism driven South East Asia. A area where the scenery and cultural panorama surrounding is incredible and will draw millions of travelers and prosperity to the country.

South Myanmar Island Life on the Beach and the Sea Gypsies

What is the government doing? > nothing, only try to direct a awfully high visa on arrival fee into some people pockets who are obviously "right connected". On the islands are beaches, jungles, granite and limestone cliffs plus marvelous bays which increase the hearth-beat of ever traveler, all in all a sheer green paradise. The seafronts are lined with soft white sand and rocky headlands. 

Scuba diving in the Myeik Archipelago

sailing the Andaman Sea near Myeik

Scuba diving corals in the Myeik Archipelago

Island hopping in the Andaman Sea

The Inhabitants are the Salone (Moken) or Sea Gypsies

They live on houseboats and during the monsoon season often on the islands in some bamboo huts to avoid the rain and heavy sea.

salone sea gypsie living on houseboat
pearl diver and a oyster

The Andaman Sea is perfect for Scuba Diving

There is nothing around which pollutes only pristine scenery, no industry, no water poisoning. Truly superb places for tourism which would draw lots of travelers in this part of the ocean fringed by wonderful sea shores which attracts people coming for holidays among them for scuba diving. Until today all scuba trips into the archipelago start at Phuket Thailand which is about 600 km to the south.

places for exotic island holiday in the south

traffic along the coast by speedboat
The limestone islands have vast tracts of rain forests which are exciting sightseeing places by itself. It would be worth visiting them when on holiday but since there is not even basic infrastructure its not so easy. The main problem comes up because of this and this extreme time consuming even when doing the smallest thing. Definitely an exciting touristic spots with great nature tours and awe-inspiring experiences. But all that costs immense time, so if you done have an infinite time-frame this might not be the right destination for vacation.

Ship passage to Yangon with the big steamer

This coastal stretch is between 3000 and 4000 km north of the equator. There are only two major port in this southern part since ancient times which is Myeik (Mergui, under the British) and Ranong (Thailand) and Kawthaung (Victoria Point under the British). Tourism could be an ideal business to bring income to the local people but the government rather try to avoid this by visa handling.

island beach settlement but only two
living on houseboats in the Andaman Sea

Beautiful beaches marvelous sightseeing & wonderful waterfalls

Plus many other spectacular nature spots. There is even an flourishing airport and passenger vessels from Kawthaung to the rest of the country. This could be a hub for thousands of tourists from south Thailand to the rest of Burma, but? Yes, we know people are sleeping their bureaucratic way far in the north in the capital.

Everything could be developed rapidly and bring wealth to the poor but, as usual nobody does anything. Instead of bundling their energy and effort and work for people as the have been elected for the two main parties continuously waste the whole time by fighting each other. 


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