Sexy Nightlife Show in Yangon

What to do at night with Yangon show girls

Plenty of pretty Burmese girls are around.
The stage where they move is almost in the center this is not one of the usual karaoke bars here they are singing without a monitor.

 If one of the men in the audience like one of the ladies he buys some flower garlands and after her singing session she will come and sit down with him. This doesn't automatically mean there is some hanky panky business afterwards.

It could happen, that's a matter of both, its more or less the same if having a great evening in a disco lets say in Berlin and try to get interaction with a girl that's the same everywhere including here Phnom Penh and elsewhere.

Some girls look quite sexy in their dresses. Smiling the whole time, do some dancing or rather slow moving and some singing. Most important is to entertain the audience to create business. 

The place is full every evening which clearly indicates that people like it and that's the most important thing. This nightlife action is to relax and switch off the upper region, free your mind from everyday's problems and have a good time. In Myanmar are already enough problems so everything to relax, physically and mentally is welcome.

Dance show group at Power Light Entertainment
Dance show group at Power Light Entertainment

Yangon girls night entertainment
Tropical Yangon entertainment at Power Light

Nightlife girls and Yangon entertainment

Burmese karaoke girls showing sexy contours and are a visual pleasure plus encouraging imagination.  It needs to say that there are  whole families sitting around here with kids running around and so on, there is nothing of obvious sexy business as some foreigners, usually US and EU always complain, this foreigners have no idea whats going on in other countries.

burmese karaoke girls

The only what they know is, if its not the same as in their country it's automatically not good. Most of this people are simply mentally blocked, but what can we do? 
Anyway should they believe what they want who cares about? We rather watch the pretty Yangon Girls in the Yangon nightlife entertainment scene who are real "eye candy", aren't they?  

It's entertainment without aggression, just visit a nightclub with models in Las Vegas, Hong Kong or Singapore and you will see the difference immediately, Thailand or Myanmar is much better on this subject.

Myanmar Nightlife Girls Dancing
Myanmar Nightlife Girls Dancing

Show Girls Entertainment

The boss of Power Light Yangon play the guitar
Its show time
Power girls in Yangon

If you once touch down in the city and don't want to hang around in the hotel or maybe visiting Chinatown and Ahlone Road have a look here, it's definitely ok for some evenings. They have a interesting menu, it's not a gourmet restaurant but not bad. Don't eat the curry dish your stomach might not be happy with it. 

They have Myanmar and Mandalay Beer so you can get your mood lifted. plenty of girls are around what else does a traveler need for entertainment in a tropical city at night? 

The Kandawgyi Lake is just 50 meters over the street

Close by is a Shangri-La Hotel. There seems to be something more going on in the future, currently (2017) the city is a big construction site.  

Power light attractions in Yangon  with Burmese Girls

He men, "Power Light Girls" even can sing, sometime not so good but at other times it's quite ok at show time. Yangon nightlife is the perfect place to party, although a bit rotten and not so up to date inclusive beer instead of champagne, it won’t matter much. Why? Because there are gorgeous sexy young women who equalize all the deficits. 
At many places you can find all the attractions of an old fashioned Asian nigh. Even if you like some gambling session, it’s available in Chinatown.  The current government tries to attract tourists but they don’t do it right, they are not able to solve the visa issue which keeps most people away. 

Show time in Yangon Power Light Club

Yangon nightclub show at Power Light with pretty Burmese Girls

Why? Because the Myanmar embassies live from the visa income so if they pull it off the embassies worldwide have no income. Now when looking into the newly implemented online visa, their fees are extremly high thats not a good start. It goes in the same way as every other tourist related stuff were prices doubled and tripled. 

But anyway undeniable there are pretty girls in the nightlife scene.

At power light nigthclub Yangon with girls

Business people from Singapore, Bangkok, South Korea and China enjoy the entertainment.

They find interesting clubbing options in lounges, discos and all variants of cross overs which are really exciting and full of life.

Showtime in Myanmar
pretty singer

Many of this clubs are real adult entertainment with exotic ladies feasting your eyes. If you get closer you will find them seductive and entertainment oriented.

Although the ambiance is not very upscale which is rather normal considering what happen to the country in recent years you have a good chance for a delightful evening in horizontal position finally.

Pretty Burmese Entertainer

Yangon show tonight at Power Light

Here is what happen in a Phuket KTV nightclub, it's somehow very similar including the cute young ladies who try to make a living. Actually it's not as difficult for them as in Myanmar but it looks that this changes rapidly.

Sexy Dancing with Phuket Nightclub Girls

  • Oriental spicy girls available to party and that might an exotic and hot one.
  • Street food is the most popular all time available, day and night.
  • Tropical getaway for great exotic holidays on the beach, in the mountains and culture oriented.
  • Yangon 19th street is a nightlife food center somehow like Khao San Road in Bangkok.
  • Yangon at night is always hot by any means, the air, the bars, nightclubs, girls etc. just name it.
  • Yangon bar girls they have this pretty butterflies but they are visible very easy try in the lower floors of the building where the Zero Zone is and at the opposite side.
  • Yangon entertainment don't have the radiation and glamour of Bangkok but is for sure charming. 


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      आह… जान लेगा क्या मेरी? (Aah.. Jaan Lega Kya Meri?)

      डांस काम्पटीशन और चूत मस्ती (Dance Competition Aur Chut Masti)

      कम्प्यूटर सीखते हुए चूत चुद गई (Computer Sikhte hue Chut Chud Gai)

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  2. Power light is always good for a nice evening, enjoy the food and the pretty girls, since all is moderately priced, that includes food and beer it's a good idea to have a look, tell us your experience.

    1. Where is a good and affordable hotel close to Power Light?

    2. Check the hotel booking above left, look for kandawgyi palace hotel and a lodge close by the place is not far off. If you can wait a while they are building a Shangri-La hotel there just about 30 meters off.

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