Oriental Women Pictures

What about some Yangon (Rangoon) eye candy?

The real nice exotic women pictures, soft as silk with a mystic beauty, that's the right stuff for a grown up guy. Buy your ticket tomorrow Yangon is waiting with all what the city has, including exotic girls.

  • Pretty females from SEAsia are exactly as many western men are dreaming about, a blend of an exotic touch, not too big structured with a small body, often positive thinking and long black hairs plus they even smile when there is not much to smile. Looking
    exotic Asian girls available
    from any angle they are for sure into a trendy direction. 
  • The strange thing is that “more and more” ladyboys are sought after in particular from EU guys who come for holidays to places such as Phuket, Bangkok & Pattaya for nightlife adventure with them.  
Every guy would love a scenario where the girls are a bit more accessible by the guys not screaming “shit” and similar stuff the whole day to show off their high level of emancipation to everyone. Actually there still are a few places on the planet which are somehow paradise settings for the men, one is Thailand another is Myanmar (Burma). Not only Kipling and other writers noticed that in the last 2 hundred years that there are the pretty ones with an oriental flavor.

Today it's worth to take the challenge to give it a try, flights are cheap, hotel s and resorts not so expensive and accessibility to many countries easy plus the willingness for a great sensual adventure lives in the girls. All combined great holidays are waiting and what could be better than holiday with a “silky women” in Thailand or Burma?

Picture a exceptional beach resort at the west coast? 

Myanmar beach girl
  • Such as a resort at Ngapali, Ngwa Saung and more, ideal for a couple of day stay together in a pleasure setting, that’s great stuff.  This could be a Sunday night girl scenario or longer, people are flexible or maybe a potential partner? 

    Make a deal with one of this nightlife beauties, grab here and have some unforgettable days on an exotic beach in
    south Myanmar. Here you still can live your dreams which becomes more difficult by the day for many reasons. 
Although the capital was moved by some uniformed egoists who try to stamp their ego onto the country everything happen in Yangon (Rangoon). It wont matter what politicians want, dictate or dream about the door at the Andaman Sea is the biggest city which the British rebuilt and stayed until they the Japanese kicked them out in WW2. 

Yangon Rangoon is a city of diversity with a strong Indian touch. 

That is the newest and most sought after vacation spot in resent Asia, make some holiday, hire a beautiful Burmese Girls and both of you will have a good time. 


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