Nightlife Tips on Health and Security

Here are a few things to consider in the night.

Basically this are health and security matter and nightlife tips on various subjects including health and security. If you take one of this pretty exotic young ladies with you home also make sure to have a condom, if you don't, ask where to buy. 

Actually the best is when you already bought some at home or maybe in Thailand, every 7/11 eleven store there has them. The reason is many of this girls are sick and since they don't know about the symptoms, people are shy to talk about it, they wont have it cured. 

Also because of the costs in Myanmar, with their little income they have to think about money which means every KyatUsually they only have gonorrhea, very rare is syphilis and even more rare HIV but it's there and the risk is with it. In particular on the gay side it becomes real dangerous.

The health issue when travel in Myanmar.

Sexy nightlife girls in Yangon with no health issue

Don't take anything serious what the ladies say about it since they simply don't know. If something happen and you notice some discharge on the front-side go to a clinic, there are many and find the specialist. There are health centers opposite Bogyoke Market, inside the side streets. Ask the doctor to handle it with an injection and make sure the syringe is a new one, don't go for pills although they are cheaper but they have no effect anymore. The whole for the simple stuff can be handled with one shot. 

Make sure not to buy other medicine for cleaning etc. since many doctors try to sell useless stuff to make additional business.
Sexy nightlife girls in action at Yangon

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The security situation in Yangon.

Although Myanmar (Burma) holiday are very safe and enjoyable "every paradise has it's snakes" and as history shows at times with radical changes as now are things happen. Now when you are somewhere in a bar or restaurant and need a taxi tell one of the people from the place to get you one, since they will give the business to somebody they know you are on the safe side.

security and health in Yangon Myanmar

If you are somewhere, lets say in Chinatown take one of the taxis parked in front of the house. This guys might be a bit more expensive as another one just passing but they are know to the people around that makes it more safe. The basic idea is make others known about you. Also don't step in a taxi where already two are sitting.

No security issue in Yangon Myanmar

Now, when you walk along Bogyoke Aung San Street it is very likely that people will approach you, maybe trying to sell you something tell them clearly and loud "no" otherwise they wont disappear. Some other try to start a chat, just the same tell them to get lost since all this is only directed to trick you into giving them money in one way or another. Never believe anything what people tell, it always only has on thing in mind to pull money from you. This is nothing new in general, in Thailand it's much worst but be vigilant.