Nightlife Girls

Exotic young women working after hours

The nightlife girls are around to entertain the guys, that's the job. Although it can be very pleasant or very boring it's just where you go and what you do.  

Nightlife Girls

nightlife girls in Yangon

Similar to almost anywhere in the world, the difference to other places is there is no major problem to get a bit closer to some pretty sexy women who work in the night-shift as dancer.

There is no much nightlife in Bagan hotelsThe most active city in the night is Yangon and what makes it especially interesting are the pretty ones in various nightclubs, bars, discos, restaurants and cross over. All is very similar to Thailand nightlife.

Usually, the first encounter with them could be when they do the models catwalk trail, they fashion shows in the night shift. Your position here is if you see a pretty one you maybe like buy here some flower garlands, that's the first step. She will come to your table and give it a try if the chemistry somehow fits, this is real time speed dating similar to Patong in Phuket.

Yangon nightlife entertainment

What about Bali Nightlife for a change that can get sexy for sure only the girls are o a different sort they are mainly Australian and quite often they are not negative for some adventure give it a try.

With plenty of oriental pick up beauties around in the entertainment scene, the country is definitely the right destination for an exotic holiday with pretty smooth girls without problems all the time. I guess every man like that including the physical encounter later. 

If you once touch down in Kuala Lumpur and feel you want to know what's up in the nightlife business with pretty girls check this. Actually, you won't find any Malaysian women in the open scene but plenty of Filipina and Chinese venturing around and this are all hardcore. There are no nice, soft and smooth one as in Myanmar.

Beautiful nightlife girls for pick up and more

More naughty girls in the neighborhood, the picture left is from Soi Cowboy in Bangkok actually there is no much difference in Thailand it's only more open and the scene is bigger. The thing is, not all of them will be positive when you ask how to meet later, some will do, some won't, it's just like anywhere in the world, read more.

The main difference to other countries is the changes for a positive ending are higher here.The fashion show ladies are not the only one, practically in every disco, nightclub and some cross over restaurants is the same scenario.
The main entertainment to get in touch with nightlife and pretty girls are "fashion shows", karaoke and other nightclubs plus some discos. At the places with the shows are many pretty young women around and the change every 30 minutes that goes on from around 8 pm to 10 pm. Means there are enough possibilities for contact but keep in mind you must make the first contact, just buy on of this flower garlands, read more.
nightlife girls at Yangon
Fashion Show at Night at Zero Zone at Thaingizay Road

Night club show at Powerlight Yangon
Show at Power light Yangon, here is some dancing and singing the guy in the left picture is the boss he is doing all by himself which make him sweating since there is no air-condition because the place is open in the front. But many ventilators move enough air.

Dancing at Power light Yangon, there are pretty young women around for some pleasure. Buy them some flower garlands and they will join you which doesn't automatically end in some "hanky panky" business.

Dancing at Power light Yangon
Hot at night
Hot stuff at night for the guys, it's not a big deal to find a nice "sexy thing" to take away. Promising places at Theingyi Zay are several such as the Emperor Disco, and Palace Club, read more

Elsewhere is JJ Entertainment, Pioneer Music Lounge and Powerlight Yangon is another nightspot where the heat is on every night.

Nightclub fashion show
Nightclub fashion show at Zero Zone Entertainment

It's getting hot during a Yangon night

there are plenty of pretty bar girls who entertain the guys to have a nice evening which is the same in many cities around the world. The difference is here are cute Burmese women and some of them are positive to have some fun beyond, that's what the guys like. The strange thing is there is absolutely no nightlife along Anawrahta Street which is the main one in the city and extending into Chinatown where it becomes busy.

Because of the development in 2012 and after more and more people discover the country as a new fun destination for a great weekend break. Flights are rather cheap, accommodations etc. affordable and pretty young women available the city is also a great destination for beautiful jewelry and ruby gemstone shopping.

Lots of stuff is going on in the country and tourist business is booming. The "butterflies" are easy to come along with and everyone know this is a great country where there is something interesting going on.

What about some young Cambodian ladies?

night-shift is coming by truck

Night-shift worker are real girls of desire

sensual Myanmar girls of desire in Yangon

lovely Myanmar nightlife girls in Yangon

Fun with young Burmese Women

Sexy nightlife is not only here and in Mandalay

In the border region of Thailand and China is high life when the guys come over to have a good time, there is even "tiger show" which beats Patpong in Bangkok, it's real hot stuff. Although the pictures are technically not top notch.
Burmese girls at fashion show
Burmese girls at fashion show in Asia Entertainment
Pretty in Yangon
Pretty in Yangon at a show in Chinatown
local style girlie bar
Local style girlie bar

Clubs and bars are the best places to find some beautiful young women 

who are positive for some sexy games. That are the perfect hangouts to meet other people and socialize. Some places have dance floors and a DJ other have life music for entertainment.

Some more nightlife in action
want to meet exotic girls
Want to meet exotic young women to play
Here are also great places for parties since everything needed is already there such as food buffet and suitable decoration. Some also function as “sports bars” with HD television Myanmar people love to visit this place actually most are a crossover of several services.

here is more nightlife entertainment

Bright Novelties you won't find elsewhere have a look it it always amazing what gadget ideas creative people have and you will hardly find it elsewhere.

rushing to the show
Rushing to the show might be not very comfortable

At Asia Plaza and JJ Entertainment with karaoke and pretty show

Asia Plaza Entertainment City at Yangon
Burmese nightclub models
Burmese Girls working at night
Burmese Girls working at night
Asia Plaza Karaoke Bar

The Ladies are a bit different

Compared to other countries in SEA such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia. Everything is less expressive and rather on a slow pace it's oriental style but when the things match it can be very interesting. Clubs and bars in the city are the best places to hang around, have a look and maybe increase your friend's circle. Slowly some kind of a nightlife culture is emerging. As indicated before it’s not on a level with the neighbor yet but fun is just around the corner that means for both ladies and guys enjoy the crowd and have a drink or more. For more communication, you can do a chat via comments below, or interact with our G+ and twitter page

Yangon nightlife girls (1)
Nightlife Entertainment
Nightclub show

Nightclub show in Chinatown
Burmese nightclub ladies
Burmese show ladies
yangon Nightclub show (3)
yangon nightclub show
nightclub show girls
Pretty show at Zero Zone Entertainment 

Great holiday deals

Phnom Penh Nightlife with Girls

Plus getaway packages are available on the internet, for having fun at new destinations such as Myanmar, to change the environs for a couple of days and clear the brain. Everything can be arranged. just go to the airport and after don’t think anymore, just a real “stag party” which includes all drinks no matter if it is with or without alcohol.

What about some holiday with nightlife girls in Phnom Penh? That is another nice place in South East Asia which has a lot to offer. Among them, a bustling and exotic atmosphere, with a bit of a French flair close to Sisowath Quay at the waterfront, read more.

The deals are for about a week and packages are for two people and groups, they are also a perfect romantic getaway for honeymooners to be alone with each other.  Maybe spend a week on a secluded beach resort with the ocean and you, tropical places within a few hours flight from any destination are not far off. Trips are available for rather low prices. Packages are often very affordable depending on the season, means take the package or you miss the deal.

Pattaya girls working at night

Another hot issue are Pattaya Girls that's a place where millions of guys travel every year to play with them and they like it. Some of them are real beautiful young ladies and are not complicated at all, what's out for ladyboys could be dangerous stuff.

Hat Yai is another great place with plenty of entertainment in south Thailand, nice place with of kind of entertainment and the ladies are very cooperative check it out. The place is mainly frequented by a large crowd of Malaysian guys who want to relax and having some fun.

Young Burmese women working in the night
Sexy nightlife in Danok
Want to know what's up in Danok in Thailand / Malaysia? That is another place with sexy young women at the border.

That is a rather small town where the main traffic between the countries runs through. But this place has an incredible scene primarily fueled by the guys coming from the south behind the border.

A bit to the north is sensual nightlife actions with Phuket girls this is the real thing have a look.

Tropical getaway with girls
Tropical getaway in Asia 
Although the country is a Buddhist one everyone likes some activities in the night.

The nightlife around Christmas is full with girls who do some entertainment to the tourist and some locals since Myanmar also has a Christian population which is not big but existent. 

The sources are with the English who brought missionaries into and encouraged Chin and Karen to convert to Christianity promising a separate state but that was only the usual tactical cheat of the kind divide and conquer on their quest to side up with other against the Buddhist majority. 

Luckily the Japanese came in in WW2 and made an end to this endless cheat and looting the country the English did against the Burmese People.

In the last two decades, they tried again together with the US but they couldn't conquer the Myanmar Military. Unfortunately, most people didn't understand this tactical games of the British.

Now they got rid of the Brits but Santa Claus is still there actually I prefer Santa to cheating colonialist no matter if they are the old or the new. 

Myanmar girls at Christmas

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