My Garden Music Lounge

A quiet Lounge.

My Garden music lounge is opposite the International Hotel at Ahlon Road and the backside of the restaurant with some musicians doing a kind permanent jam session with local and English music. 

Its on a slow pace just like Myanmar's like it  here you can feel the snail speed but it's not bad its just different. Prices are in the lower region and Myanmar beer is cool and turns you on. 

No Burmese girls business here if you like that just cross the street and in the disco and pool bar they are waiting for you. Still not enough? Try JJ Entertainment and the nightlife hot spots around there or Zero Zone in Chinatown.

This nightlife spot is quite large.

Also ideal if you want to do some conversation because the noise level is a civilized one no need to take earplugs with you as for the Pioneer Disco on the other side of the road.

My Garden Music Lounge Life in the night
Poolbar at opposite side of Ahlone Road

The music lounge on Ahlone Road is close to the Shwedagon Pagoda, just a few minutes walk and in the night the shrine on the hill is illuminated.