Dinner at Mahabandoola and 19street in Yangon

Chinatown stands for low cost food

Maha Bandoola means street food and open air restaurants, be careful when eating anything there, the hygienic situation is "hair-raising". Around there is a prototype of a casual Yangon evening where people enjoy the cool breeze after the heat of the day.

Street musician play some local and English songs and Myanmar plus Mandalay beer flows in streams. For about 5 or 6 dollars a lot is served at 19th street in Yangon.

All this places look a bit rotten and some of the food also is not safe to eat the atmosphere is nice. All here reminds a bit to Khao San Road in Bangkok although this place here is much smaller, here is more about Maha Bandoola street and the city center.

Dinner at Mahabandoola and 19street in Yangon

Most restaurants have an open air part which is a pleasure in this tropical evening also no traffic runs through. It's definitely worth to spend a evening. If it gets boring go to Thain Gyi Zay which is only about hundred meters away, that's the main amusement center in Chinatown. Maybe visit Zero Zone Restaurant they are on the rooftop of the Ambassador Building and have nightlife fashion shows every evening.

The later it gets the higher the mood unfolds 

It is rather rare to see a drunken guy, there is some respect against the other although it gets a bit loud easily there is no violence. The whole area is very safe in general , the country is one of the safest on the Globe probably more safe than Sweden and Switzerland this is not a yoke this is 25 years of experience.

selling fruits on the roadside

At the main road are plenty of fruit seller and even some women selling late flower. Since the country is spread over every climate zone, from the icy mountains of the north (6000 m high) to the tropical Andaman Sea in the south, almost all fruits and flowers are grown here. 

fresh tropical fruits

Yangon has countless open air eateries; this is the real traditional and authentic stuff by any means, negative and positive.  Various type of “cuisine” is available. However, the good ones are noodle shops; Indian fast food and some seafood if it happens to be a good one. 

Dinner at Maha Bandoola Street at the roadside

This might be not a real delightful treat but together with some beers it can be worked out. The menus vary, but most are the same dishes up and down the road, there is no wine, only beer and whisky plus non alcoholic the atmosphere is usually friendly and inviting, service is not bad and prices very affordable.

Myanmar vegetarian food at the night market

For vegetarians, are plenty of dishes available since in a Buddhist society this is popular. 

Fruit market at night with a great view

Skewer food in Yangon mainly chicken and pork
Skewer food in Yangon

egg cake is very popular plus spring rolls

what about some stylish spring rolls
What about some stylish spring rolls

This delicate appetizer have their origins in the annual Chinese Spring Festival

Since most Myanmar’s came from China ages ago no wonder why they are popular. Most of this food is vegetarian and features fresh vegetables, meat was added much later. They are light and healthy, just the right nutrition for our days and some have real exotic flavor. They are wonderful appetizer for the western people and often a complete meal here.

Spring rolls are favorites of many since their variety of cheap and good stuff is unbeatable. Wrappers are freshly made in several factories every day and are available everywhere in Chinatown. That’s quick and easy food if you have not much time or no money. The filling dependent on what you like; there are veggies and meat such as duck and chicken plus some sea food.

Most vegetarian spring rolls are made in a way, you won’t be able tell there's no meat in it! Vegetables are a rich source of vitamins, minerals antioxidants and other good stuff. 

A assortment for Buddhist vegetarians

Yangon street food at Chinatown looks good

Burmese girls selling veggies on the street

Low priced street foods is popular 

With a spicy taste it quickly fills the stomach, street food is favored in all Asian countries. There are over 100 varieties of street foods found in the country, I am sorry but I can’t tell all the names that are too far off. 

family dinner

Family dinner in Chinatown with local fast food is becomin popular but not under the US junk food names such as KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut etc. considering the good food they have in the country it would be kind of a sacrilege to bring this US junk into this country but since people never learn it will happen.
Myanmar nightlife Chinatown street market with good vegetables

Myanmar nightlife Chinatown street market and food dishes include french fries, baked potatoes, soup, salads and desserts are widely available, very popular is Chinese noodle food and Indian style biryani. The main problem with all this stud is contamination since it has to bring a volume and at the same time to be cheap, the result is they throw all kind of junk into it.  Actually this is the main reason why the US junk make easy inroads into it, because people know that it's clean, most local is not, read more.

rainy Yangon night
A rainy Yangon night

  • Street food looks good and there is a lot but it needs to be very careful.
  • Tropical getaway with a sexy background but no much glamour.
  • The city at night bring some sexy perspectives.
  • Yangon bar girls are the right stuff for every single traveler to Myanmar.
  • Entertainment in the former capital can be quite interesting, there is also some with folklore elements.


  1. Where to eat in the evening in the city? A good bet is Chinatown, it's diverse, low priced but often dirty. To try some local beers, notably Myanmar and Mandalay brand makes some sense. This is good stuff and you wont get headache the next morning as with Thai beer. The Burmese dont throw so many chemicals into it as the Thai.

  2. They also have some excellent rum made from local cane, white and dark is available. All this is amazingly cheap, also some local brandy is on sale.


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