Burmese girls working at night

Pretty women trying to make some cash

Money is never enough that's common including for Burmese girls which needs some extra income and work at night to get flower garlands at a Yangon nightclub or restaurant. 
This “pretty things” will rock with you tonight if you and she likes, actually chances are good 

Pretty Burmese Girls

So take some cash with you, somewhere between $ 50,- and 100,- this is quality time with kinky girls who to do it to a further extent? Here are sexy services to enjoy real pleasures and exploit your fantasies you have hidden the whole year. Dive into the tropical heat and open your mind it will turn on your fantasy and lift you to new heights, it's worth to good time you will have. The young ladies are quite positive and the chance that you have a pleasant encounter is high. Now what to do? Just take the next flight and check it out. The only problem is the visa they make all this stuff extremly complicated and costly, they all want to milk the foreigner. If you are a guy and don't want all this visa problems (I know that many people don't like that) you could be better off for Phuket girls holiday

Sexy Burmese show girls are oriental glamorous highlights

If you are in this once glamorous Oriental City feeling alone and bored don’t worry, help is out there to get you moving again. Here you can find innumerable sexy girls offering what they have, all available in the nightlife scene, read more.
For many Myanmar people the main city is hope and glamour and that brings this cute lady from somewhere to take a bus and try their luck in the old capital. Most come with their dreams and hopes to earn some money and maybe find some men they can depend on. However that’s not an easy task at all but with some luck and an exceptional good look and behavior there is definitely a chance.
Burmese girls working at night in Chinatown

Some Myanmar model girls photos

At its best followed maybe by some hot actions, just try the spicy stuff the Asian way. The heat is on in Yangon and that not only come from the climate. 

Here are plenty of young women in the nightlife business who know what you want and probably will play some sexy games, or just try to nose you. The reward could be some real adventure just the way a hungry guy like it, there is lots to do in the oriental city. It's similar to Cambodian girls working at night in Phnom Penh although in Myanmar it's somehow more smooth.

Myanmar model girls photo from Zero Zone Nightclub

No need for hot line phone chat or boring dating in the internet, say goodbye to the bla-bla version sexy real time dating is the real thing means conversations with real women and visual content.

Myanmar ladies in the night

Here are some more ladies working in the night, actually there are many spots in the city just trying to get the customers in with all kind of entertainment, naturally the most popular is with pretty young women. Since most clients are men they like it, life during daytime is already boring enough, read more.

show girls at night in Yangon

Even as some body decoration is hard to handle and  sometimes uncomfortable it must be done to stand out from the crowd and to be the winner. Remember "cool and the gang" and about the sexy things and believing in miracles? In Myanmar no need to believe in miracles just have fun that's better.

That is how it looks in Thailand

They mainly work in the night-shift at places in the big cities such as Mandalay and Yangon plus some towns at the border to China and Thailand, just have a look at the Myanmar model girls photos in our website.

Actually its entertainment, similar as between Thailand and Malaysia with nightlife spots such as Sadao and Hat Yai. There are plenty Karaoke girls who help to sing together, drink together and other horizontal stuff together.

Myanmar Nightclub girls photo in Yangon

A hot time and unforgettable nights with a oriental women

She might to turn you crazy give it a try. In times of cheap flights the city is only between one and three flight hours away from most cities in SEA. This beauties will keep you busy the whole night, the name? Burmese girls working at night

Burmese girls working at night

karaoke girl in Yangonshow entertainment show entertainment

Many of this young ladies working in the night-shift are very pretty by nature. Much better than these ones in other countries who try to compensate the deficit with the costliest dress and think that will lift them higher. If they are ugly bumps they just are that no matter what the wear.

Burmese Girls at night in Yangon
Yangon Girls at night in Chinatown
Myanmar Model Girls Photos at night in Yangon

Here are a couple of pretty photos from girls working in the nightlife business in Yangon Myanmar. It's very colorful and exiting with an oriental flavor in a hot tropical night, check it out, already bought you ticket for the flight? 

Burmese Girls at night in Yangon 4

Yangon Girls at night

Burmese Girls at night in Yangon 6

Pretty Yangon Girls at night in Chinatown

Burmese Girls at night in Yangon 10

Actually no problem they look smart in the nightclub party anyway. The fashion the show changes very fast about every 15 minutes. They update the dress collection almost every day to attract the guys who hang around to guy them flower garlands. That is what they are mainly interested for since this is their income.

Great Yangon party girls

They like to be taken out elsewhere for some fun, not all do this but some and they like it since it is natural only. What people think the women visit a a disco or similar in NY, Berlin or London for? To find a mate for a good time, that’s it, OK maybe more afterwards. Most of them prefer bright colors and it seems as if they have a great time when hitting the catwalk. Women everywhere in the world are fashion oriented, some elegant, others not but all want to make a statement about their fashion sense. 

Yangon Girls at night in Yangon 8

Some want to copy the special liking of celebrities, others don’t care about this at all, they are just themselves which is the better idea anyway. They are just making a bold choice with romantic or plain clothing. Their fashion fiesta is on every night when they go to work.

Yangon show  girls in the night doing entertainment
Asia entertainment nightclub in Yangon
working Burmese girls in show business

The catwalk ladies and other are not always top notch beauties most are good average, don't be shy. Fun in the night with foreigners is nothing special they can handle this, the result is very often great. This pretty young ladies usually are quiet ones no screaming shit the whole day just pretty and sexy, they will turn the the heat on and that's not because of the weather, trust me.
Burmese Girls at night in Yangon 7

What about some glamour girls? They have no easy life due to the difficult conditions they suffer so hey have to find new intelligent ways the get some money into the pocket. In terms of fashion they adopt all this stuff seen on Chinese and Thai "soap operas", read more.

Since the country is still quite isolated, even still today e.g. is not much contact to the outside world, it needs some creativity to get things done.

Meeting girls in Burma do some speed dating  

It’s all the old stories visit bars, crossover restaurants and nightclubs. They still hold the top potential for meeting these pretty young oriental ladies to have some fun with and the majority also has a positive encounter with you. Don’t believe all this non sense the media are telling, for them only a negative story is a good story.

Burmese Girls at night in Yangon 3

The system of the media, it doesn’t matter if it’s printed or internet is the worst the higher the user count. That’s the reason why they always try to manipulate negative stuff into any message. Now they are continuously produce nonsense about Myanmar which isn’t true. So just forget the media, we tell you the true story. Since we are here and not just descending from New York or Singapore for 3 days telling the world afterwards they are the specialists, they are not! They are the incompetent nonsense talker.

Now let’s talk about more interesting stuff and what could be more interesting for a grown up guy as beautiful Myanmar Girls who know how to handle the men to give them pleasure and get some money in return just watch the photos to get you an idea. Here are no useless rejections from the ladies only uncomplicated answer concerning the mating game, he men here no need to waste time to search around, the ladies are more clever (like Thai Girls) they go after you, yes, that’s not a yoke.

Celebrities and sexy Burmese models

They are carefully watched by other women to figure out what could be done the result is great ideas for real pretty and chic women, be creative and move the mountain. Although it is quite similar to sexy models in Phuket's nightlife they show much less skin here but in a few years this will change.

At Asia Entertainment Plaza Yangon
At Asia Entertainment Plaza
Many pretty ladies always try to look good having nice handbags high heels shoes and real pretty make up. 

At some oversize handbags all kind of stuff is carried to give some backup to real glamour girls. The idea is pop up from the crowd and get them admire you how good you look.

Many lazy bumps sit the whole evening in front of the TV screen looking at boring content, they don't know that to much TV makes the people stupid it's better to interact with some nice girls in the evening to get relaxed.

For a traveler in Burma what could be better in the evening as entertainment in a bar, restaurant, disco or nightclub and some fun with a local lady who also speak some English.

entertainment at night in Yangon with pretty Girls

The power light restaurant could just be the right place to go if you want some reasonable food and entertainment with pretty young women, they have plenty and you will be positively surprised. Just take a taxi and tell to drive beside the new Shangri-La construction site at Kandawgyi Lake, it's right beside there, read more.

Whats up with Khmer Girls in Phnom Penh? Check it out, the whole is very similar to Myanmar with the exception that it is much more open minded. They dance on the table and there is plenty of real fun where in Yangon someone always can feel the limits the old communists and military set, read more.


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