Nightmarket Shopping

A exotic oriental tropical market with fruits and flowers

The night bazaars are all open air and real old fashioned oriental style where they cook the food in front of you in a pan or BBQ. 

The interesting thing is, most fruits are produced locally in the highland of Shan State that is around Inle Lake. The climate there is somehow like central and western Europe which brings almost all tempered climate fruits and flowers to bloom.

That comes to the strange situation that in Thailand they import them from Australia, Europe, US etc. and the same grows just across the border since Mae Sot etc. is not far at all. But the problem is it is more difficult to travel from the Thai border to Yangon as from Bangkok to New York (yes no yoke) this is ASEAN in real time, wont matter what the politicians tell they always want to whitewash their lies.  

Night Market in Chinatown at Mahabandoola

Tropical flowers for sale at the market

In the city tropical flowers are sold at the market day and night when it rains, the sun shines practically all time. The country has an abundance of beautiful plants since the topology covers all climate zones from the high snow capped mountains with up to 6000 meters in the north to the tropical beaches of the Andaman Sea, read more

Myanmar night market's are everwhere

Yangon Night Market sea food
water melon for sale in Yangon

Waiting for customer
Flower night market in Chinatown at Maha Bandoola

Most street markets selling flowers, vegetables and other fresh food are along Maha Bandoola Road, day and night here is a attractive plant shop having tropical and tempered greenery.with delicate blossoms, read more

Some betel perhaps
Late shopping in Chinatown
rainy night in Yangon Chinatown

Selling Sea Food at Anawrahta Road right on the pavement

Seafood Market on the street for sale

Anawrahta street is a parallel one to Maha Bandoola with a similar "microclimate" day and night. At 38th street is an old catholic church although out of business a populalar place to sell vegetables, fruits, flowers and sea food. Since all this is without cooling by ice it's imaginable what happen with it, read more.

night market in Yangon Chinatown when raining
late night for sale at the market

Shopping in the evening

tired rickshaw men
Fish and shrimps vendors in Chinatown

Fish and shrimp vendors at Maha Bandoola Street in Chinatown, since Yangon is a Metropolis of around 4 million people there is something busy day and night. Many people prefer to come out to their shopping in the night because of the extreme heat during the day, read more
street food for dinner in Chinatown
snacks at night in Yangon

Buying some Myanmar rice tonight

In the night it's also a bit more quiet and less dust and dirt in the air so buying some Myanmar rice tonight is common stuff. Since the country is still on a dire street the Burmese have no much time to rest. Many work two shifts to make ends meet. in various situation such as market or the nightclub show fifty meters further down, read more.


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