Fun in Myanmar

Every big city in the world has some prostitution activities.

It is useless to try to get rid of it since that's just the same as going to a restaurant for eating something special.

Since Babylon there are records and everyone probably heard about Sodom & Gomorrah, that's the human nature and we can't beat the desire, if people try this they get sick, mentally and physically.

There are some myths about it and they are extremely exaggerated,  everywhere they scream around about this subject with a negative meaning, in particular, the figures indicated in Wikipedia are nothing but bad talking about other people. In whole Yangon, the biggest city in the country is for sure not more than maximal 2000 persons who do this job, that includes "freelancer" who come to the nightclubs on the weekends to get some cash.

There is also not much going on in Mandalay. There are only 4 more spots left to mention, this is Muse, Kentung, Kawthaung and Mae Sot at all other places in the country its very marginally that includes Bagan.
Prostitution in Myanmar

Now pulling all this together there are for sure not more than about 5000 in the whole country, this is not Thailand where this is mainstream. I kindly ask these people who scream around of 20k to 50k they should either make a serious survey or keep their mouth shut or rather off the keyboard, enough manipulation has been done already in the past decades we DONT need another one.

This is also very easy logical to calculated.

In whole Yangon are not more than about twenty location where prostitution is going on and in each of this places there are not more than 30 ladies working, only at JJ there are maybe more from time to time because there are many "freelancer" on the weekend they don't run around on the street as in Thailand or in India and elsewhere. Now, WHERE are the 50.000? This is really ridiculous and obviously indicated with bad intention. 

Actually newest figure at Wikipedia indicated even more relevant venues in the new capital at Naypyidaw as in the third largest city in Thailand which is Hat Yai, this is so awfully stupid that it's not worth to comment further. If Wikipedia keeps on issuing such utter nonsense they are not worth to be visited anymore since this also reflects the attitude how they handle other subjects and data too.


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