Yangon Show Girls

Plenty of pretty young women enrich the nightlife scene 

In the city are at least two dozen nightlife entertainment where they do some kind of naughty stuff to attract the attention of the guys, usually moving up and down the catwalk and occasionally dancing. 
sex and adventure in southeast Asia

I love these uncomplicated nights in Yangon there is so much fun in It. The guys at the door wont bother you with dress code and similar. Everyone of them try to radiate a good mood and they are not against a "happy ending".

To find this pretty Yangon show girls no need for a guide just read through here which will help you to find interesting places for an appropriate nightlife in Yangon (Rangoon).

Although Myanmar is not such an entertainment hot spot as Bangkok. When the sun fades, the life in Myanmar start to glitters substantial more. Nights in Rangoon can make a man happy by providing him all the possibilities to enjoy his life at full.

They come in groups with names like "Diamond Girls" and similar.

The idea is to get the the guys moving to spend money on them in the form of flower garlands which starts around Kyats 5000,- and is open ended. If the ladies look good and are a bit clever they can pull quite something. 

Although there are not many "big spender" around. It's a kind of business everyone profits and most like it, although it quickly is fading away since most is imagination only, what about 'naughty girls'.  

Yangon Show Girls at Powerlight Entertainment
Yangon Show Girls at Power Light Entertainment

Meet Asian girls to play sexy games
Hot stuff in the night

If one of them goes "the extra mile" more money is rolling in, or rather flying since they have no coins.

Yangon show girls (1)
Hot stuff in the night

Places to meet girls? 

At night in Myanmar
No problems in Myanmar just dive into the Yangon nightlife scene and have fun. At a bar, disco, cross over restaurant there are plenty of places to meet pretty oriental women for some close encounter.  Just forget the media they mostly tell nonsense since they have no much knowledge what’s up in the east, just go on your very own exploration, we show you where.

The biggest town in the country has a top potential for meeting girls since they come from all over, there are about 130 ethnicities which means interesting encounters are not far away.
young ladies in yangon
Enjoy young ladies in Yangon; no need to spending much time in search of them and one of good news on top of it is all this venues are not pricey at all.

No unpleasant rejections, 

it’s just uncomplicated living without problems, ok you need some money to spend, that’s normal. When you are hungry and you buy food that also cost something, so what? Everything has its price. But you can be sure taking out one of these Burmese beauties is usually still for less as having a good dinner for two in a restaurant anywhere in the “west” and no mating game yet.

These places are magnets for young locals individuals who hang around ready for adventure. 

More Yangon Entertainment Girls
More Yangon Entertainment Girls


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