Street Food at night in Yangon

Many Myanmar people use street food day and night

The food is quick and cheap, most popular are chicken and pork skewer, stay away from seafood and everything in form of balls and dumplings. The pictures here are from around Mahabandoola and 19th street. 

Street Food in Yangon

Yangon Street food Myanmar

After it gets dark the most popular places are the open air eateries in Chinatown where they also have some guys playing guitar and slowly walking between the tables. 

The breeze from the Andaman Se ha pushes away the remains of the heat of the day some beer is running down the throat and maybe some more nightlife is enjoyed in one of the bars and nightclubs around.

Basically, if you like it modern style with a local flavor have a look at Ahlon Road's Yangon International and Summit Parkview Hotel Shangri-La Sedona Inya Lake Central Hotel and around there are also a good choice.

Yangon street food in Chinatown

open air restaurant in Chinatown
Open air restaurant in Chinatown

Yangon restaurant and street food in Chinatown

Street foods are very popular throughout the world where the people can spend some money on ready-made foodstuff mainly for people living in the urban areas because the price is low. What people don’t understand is how you want to get quality food with low costs, that won’t work but there is not more cash available, many people also eat local fruits such as oranges from Shan Sate.

Other places are mainly on the western side with the same food you get anywhere. You won't travel to Myanmar to eat a steak made from imported meat, won't you? Also local style fast food is available to see the pics below.

Vegetarian eat oranges from Shan State
Oranges  from Shan State
quick and ready made on the the gas cooker
Quick and ready made on the gas cooker

Very poor is the hygienic standard

It is a puzzle to me why the government doesn't do some education on this subject. They have some good TV education about how to behave on the road. Interestingly their neighbor Thailand has no education at all with the result of one of the highest accident rate on the globe. E.g. 5 days 2017 Songkran weekend is over 300 dead people on the road.

snacks and other dishes
Snacks and other dishes
open air restaurant at night

Dozens of varieties of snacks and dishes are around for the hungry but it seems that unless KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut etc. are moving in there won’t be any improvements in hygienic standards. Consumers of roadside foods often suffer from many bacterial diseases because of that. The safest thing to spoil your visit is to eat seafood from this places.

In Yangon Rangoon street food is mushrooming 

Along busy streets and in Chinatown of the former capital of Burma the center is around Maha Bandoola and 19th street. Beside of the mobile food stalls, there is good looking street food served from small kitchens in the back it is a bit like the "food courts" of Malaysia and Singapore. The main problem with the dishes in Myanmar is the dirt actually a hygienic catastrophe. There is just too much dirt around also better drink right from the bottle which must be opened in front of you insist on it.

The master chef and BBQ
The master chef and BBQ
chicken and sea food for sale

 Exotic street food in Bangkok

Here are cockroaches grasshopper spider and BBQ rats for sale this is at Nana Bangkok

yangon nightlife pictures with fruits
Yangon nightlife market pictures


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