Nighttime Fashion Show

To make contacts for speed dating

Thats the right time to meet the pretty ladies, make a simple contact or you can escalate it, just talk with the young pretty Burmese girls and you will find out. 

There exists a reason why the girls are working in the fashion business at night and that is easy cash, maybe yes, or no, it has something to do how to seduce the men around. 

sex and adventure in southeast Asia
Most like to be nosed when they see a positive outcome to get this pretty babe into a horizontal position after a while dating on location in Yangon nightlife.

Fashion show group (2)
Nightclub fashion show group

Just start to flirt with the pretty one you like at the Zero Zone or Power Light entertainment and as a positive signal buy her some flower garlands virtually telling, he, here is someone who like to have a closer look. She won’t probably be obsessed by you but you can try to move her in this direction. Now how to look nice? First, get some great aura using a good after shave just do smell good there are enough “stink bombs” out there don’t be one of them, fashion show ladies like a smart and pleasant scent.

Nightclub fashion show group

Just make use of this few possibility to have a successful speed dating with the beautiful lady, whilst it is for sure of seeing some hot  Asian girls there, the nightlife environment needs some add on to approach, one of this is be a nice guy, not shy and smile.

Nightlife Fashion show group (4)
Nightlife Fashion show group in motion
fashion girls show what they have
Burmese girls working at night at a show performance

Burmese girls working at night, every evening they entertain the clients of the bars, restaurants and discos in Yangon. That's the way local entertainment close ups with the young women can be extended if both agree, there is nobody behind to push them. The real hot stuff is going on at the border regions to China and Thailand which is somehow as it was in Bangkok about 20 years ago, read more.

Nightlife Fashion show group (7)

Burmese girls show group in the night shift

Here are positive thinking nightclub girls at work for a few hours from about 8 pm to around 11 pm, there is not much going afterwards, all venues in the night are closed at least by 12 pm. They are very strickt on that so plan you night out in Yangon, read more.


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