Myanmar Model Girls

Myanmar Model Girls at night 

Myanmar model girls are usually pretty and exotic young ladies who try to make a career in modeling, on the way there are possibility to earn some money with real time dating on location in the Yangon nightlife scene most are real sexy too.

Myanmar Model Girls Nightlife 

Myanmar Model Girls at night

Because of the mixtures from the different races over the centuries and in particular during English colonial times there are a lot of very good looking women, erotic and exotic.  

To understand what is expected from a Myanmar girl apply for a model job. This is universal and not limited to the country or neighboring Thailand.

fashion show shows and dresses

If for some reason someone needs a suitable person, check the Yellow pages for a modeling agency or photography agency (they are not very organized) or have a look in one of the nightclubs where they have fashion shows there are many. Actually the nightlife business has the best opportunities to find what you want although prices doubled in the last 3 years (today 2014). This is really amazing everything doubled and tripled, the highest push upwards was the value of gemstones in this time frame with hikes of three and fourfold.

Myanmar Model Girls at Work

Myanmar Model Girls on show
Yangon Nightlife Girls Show reward

Naturally the Yangon Nightlife Girls Show is a bit different compared to elsewhere in the afternoon but still a nice entertainment. One of the other positive things is prices are quite low on everything only the big international hotels are expensive but there is no entertainment anyway, read more

Myanmar show girls are interesting females found in mainly Yangon's nightlife performing with various activities somehow directed to entertain the men. Myanmar Model Girls in the nightlife business wont automatically mean sex but the focus is clear they are in nightclub bar or restaurant for business which means money. 

Show business is a lucrative business in particular when young attractive women are involved and many earn money with it. The guys love being entertained and the girls love to entertain. Myanmar Model Girls in the nightlife business are rarely professional girls in terms of the sexy stuff they just like it somehow and earn money with it but the real thing behind is the need for cash. 

Attractive Burmese Show Girls

Attractive Burmese Show Girls are around with entertainment loughs and fun so that the guys have some reason to spend money and get happy that's the business. As you can see the pictures there are quite a lot pretty shapes which could lead to some interesting adventures, read more.

Young Burmese Women in the nightlife scene in Chinatown

Job opportunities are plenty It just needs the right women, age and appearance is not the only factor in becoming a model. Since this is a business in the fast lane where trends come and go quickly and new faces are always in demand.

Yangon nightlife models working

Yangon nightlife model girls show time

To get the young women a stage nightlife fashion show are held in Yangon so that they can show what they have and it is truly amazing how many good-looking ladies are around. Interesting on top is that almost all of them are not this ugly skeletons like cloth-hanger usually seen in fashion shows in the "West". 

Burmese Girls at work in Rangoon

Yangon nightlife model girls in action

It is maybe not particular necessary to be a real beauty, many cases show that all with talent and personality have an excellent chance. Sometimes appearance in terms of beauty becomes secondary when the personality fits the purpose. Usually, they have a strong personality and enough confidence to face the job. Be aware that experienced agencies understand this in a few second if it might be a good one or not.

Myanmar Model Girls in Yangon buy flower for some dating
Buy flowers for some real time dating

The lack of a model girls confidence is almost all the time negative for the personality. The old fashion saying first impression is the real impression has all his importance here. If you might have the quality but you are not able to show that at appropriate time then you are the looser and nothing will happen in terms of a real great Myanmar model girl, they also have very pretty bar girls in Yangon.

Great sightseeing, nightlife, nice girls, nightclubs with beautiful sexy and exotic Myanmar model girls, Chinese girls, Indian girls, parties this is Yangon, the marvelous harbor city in the far east where already hundreds of years ago Portuguese and English, Arab and Indian trader had a cultural, financial and fun center and all this needs some nightlife entertainment. At that time they didn't have TV, video, clips, IPhone, IPad etc.

fashion show shoes and dresses

Before entering the airplane for a trip to Yangon

Myanmar girl working at night Nightclub show in Yangon
Myanmar sexy girls show
Be aware there are some things you should leave behind, the first is your girlfriend. 

Yangon nightlife has more temptations with beautiful Myanmar model girls than all issues of Playboy together. Here also no need to do dating on the internet, just go to the nightclubs, bars and discos and do speed dating in real time. 

On location dating is great in the night, when you compare what sexy stuff is happen in real time all of Hugh Heffner's and similar are some jokes for college boys. Why is that so? Because with many of this pretty Oriental women you can do something physical what can you do with playboy's bunny's?

Nightife girls in Yangon
Working Myanmar Model Girls
Myanmar model girls nightlife show

Sexy Myanmar Model Girls in Yangon

There are two versions of modeling business

Doing this during the day and the other who work at night at various nightclubs, discos, restaurants and other places.. Actually there are many to have a look for Myanmar girls in the nightlife business a good start is Zero Zone and Asia Entertainment Plaza to have a look for pretty girls. Beautiful, Burmese girls are also around in other places in the same building seeking to have some fun, this is at Theingizay, Chinatown in the Ambassador building.

Chinatown Yangon nightlife center
Chinatown Yangon nightlife center
Fun with young women
Fun with young women
A nice place with a barbecue, fashion show -start around 8 pm- sometimes life music, a couple of singer and sometimes also dancing and cabaret. The ones doing the job there could use an excellent modeling agency that can promote you in the right way is a crucial step in starting a career, don't think you can handle this, and leave it to a professional, its more effective. Don't expect the agencies to reach you by themselves, if you are interested in a career you must do the homework; don't wait for others since this won't happen.
Nightclub modeling on work
Nightclub Models at work in Rangoon Chinatown

The pursuit to start the modeling career

You will come across much fake nonsense purely interested in fetching money from you rather than finding opportunities to promote your portfolio. Always be cautious about the modeling agencies that charge fees, if they do, walk away, the possibility you get cheated is around 90% with this people. 

They will also come across some photographers who tell you that you are unlikely to be Start modeling is not a very difficult task. Starting a career in modeling is a dream of many male and female and why not' If the physical appearance and the right motivation is given everyone can give it a try. 

Pretty nightlife girls at Powerlight Entertainment

In Yangon, which is still the most important city in the country are myriads of pleasing young ladies working as nightlife girls e.g. at "Powerlight" Entertainment. The idea is always the same get some additional cash into the pocket since the jobs are lousy paid, read more.

Maybe this cat walk try out will end quickly after the few attempts, because one of the basic parameter is don't say no and many young women inside and outside the country don't like this. In this job the "pretty thing" is material in the hand of a fashion designer and sometimes only a moving object for some textile material somehow like on Nana Plaza Bangkok.

Tired having a break after the show

Here are Burmese girls in the Yangon nightlife scene

Pretty Burmese Girls in Yangon
Sexy Burmese girls in the nightlife

As a tourist, you will love the exotic culture of a great south east Asia country and a pleasant time with positive thinking nightlife girls. Its not as hot as Thailand nightlife but its still not bad.

What do the girls like? Money and handsome guys it helps a bit when the guys are fashion minded and have some money for such as: 

Fashion show shoes and dresses


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