Karaoke Bars

KTV are plenty in Yangon

The theme in Karaoke Bars is always singing and women who help the guys through the night by any means. 

This is very popular here and a pleasure since the ladies are rather cooperative. The singer usually don't know much about how to sing and after some beers, the whole is not more than a bawling but almost everyone has fun with it, this is real Asian KTV with girls.

Yangon Karaoke Bars

Want to have a great time in Yangon a sure bet is going to a karaoke bar and make sure there are some Burmese Girls around. Karaoke bars with ladies in the night are the coolest hang out the available karaoke machine. In Myanmar karaoke, it's usually, without a machine, the ladies look after you that's their job. If you are a newbie ask the taxi driver or get you to Asia Entertainment City opposite JJ Entertainment they have KTV over 5 floors with different themes prices and young women. 

Other places are in the floors below Zero Zone in Yangon Chinatown.
Yangon Karaoke Bar.

karaoke bars
Karaoke in Yangon singing at Power Light

KTV in Phuket Thailand

Yangon Karaoke in Chinatown at Lion World

This is at 2 Theingyi Zay Chinatown, Shwe Dagon Pagoda Road, here are about a dozen more nightclubs, discos, restaurants, one play hall and another "gambling hall" with slot machines and more. There are also plenty of pretty Myanmar nightlife girls around.

Probably the best crossover karaoke nightclub is Powerlight they always have about three or four dozen girls around and some of the are really able to sing, popular are local compositions and some older English but Powerlight is closed now forever. 
Anyway Yangon Bar Girls are plenty so you will find a pretty one.

karaoke in Yangon
Pretty Burmese girlsKaraoke in a Yangon night is one of the most popular entertainment in the former capital.

With pretty Burmese girls at night.

karaoke machines & micros


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