Asia Entertainment City and JJ Disco

Asia Entertainment City and JJ Disco

If you are looking for pretty Burmese girls working in the night shift this is one of the best places in Yangon. If you like it the KTV style use the Asia Entertainment City which actually is a 5 floor building with various bars and nightclubs. 

Asia Entertainment City plus JJ Disco

If you prefer it disco style use JJ Entertainment which basically is a huge disco with dozens of young women dancing the night through (midnight is finished) and some are positive for a close encounter, dont be shy, try it, they are positive.
They all charge entry fee which is between Kyat 6000,- and around 9000,- because the karaoke bars in the building have different prices per floor.

KTV karaoke at Asia Entertainment on various floors
Bar and nightclub at third floor
Myanmar bar girls show
Bar girls show

This place is not suitable for people anymore since they turn up the music volume  terribly high to make the ears hurt, I don't understand why they always let some of this deaf fools operate the sound machine. 

They are already deaf people who have no idea that they hurt other. I was there several times and noticed that everyone left the place within about 15 minutes.
Burmese girls working at nightclub
Burmese girls working

Nightlife girls are moving in at JJ Entertainment

Nightclub ladies start working at 10 pm 

Buy some flower garlands or them and you will have some entertainment , for this young Burmese women that is the salary there is no other source of income. 

asia entertainment bar and fashion show
Asia entertainment bar and fashion show

This are the soft Asian girls you have been dreamed about, give it a try, they are smooth as silk and have a sense of humor, and some can drink more than you and still walking. They have a reputation for being easy going and positive very similar to Thai and Cambodian “butterflies” in the nightlife scene sometimes with a show for kick off.

Nightclub girls in Yangon Myanmar
Nightclub girls show in Yangon

They are quite experienced to give you a good time, knowing well how to “nose the guys”, if you have some left to spend visit one of this places, such as Zero Zone in Chinatown, 
Power Light not far from here and other. You can also invest about $ 50,- and up to get one of them in horizontal position but talk with the hotel reception first, some don’t allow them to check in, anyway it could be a be a great night.

Nightclubs with young women
nightlife show girls in yangon

If you maybe can’t “land” here try a other nightclub, there are plenty, take some cash with you but hide it. Most are real sexy Asian and know what they are doing, this are the ideal places when you want to spent some nighttime in Yangon.

Bar girls in Pattaya
Bar girls in Pattaya
nightlife yangon style
nightlife yangon style (1)

burmese girls at night
Burmese girls at night
yangon girls at work

street sea food
Street sea food


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